Profiting from the Occupation

Two peoples live in the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. One group has freedom, mobility and control over natural resources. The other group has seen its freedom taken away, its mobility limited, its access to resources and farmland denied. Israel continues its raids on Palestinian towns and refugee camps, holding more than 7400 Palestinians in its jails. Palestinians hold one Israeli prisoner. The Gaza Strip is a giant open-air prison, and Israel has prevented supplies for rebuilding from reaching the victims of its massive assault earlier this year. Israel's home demolitions and evictions of people based on their ethnicity continue, as does the illegal building of settlements on occupied land.

A monumental crime is taking place on our watch. Yet this is not some distant conflict over which we have no control. We are deeply involved, through our taxes that arm Israel, through our investments in companies that profit from the persecution of Palestinians, and through our silence, which allows this to continue.

In our religious organizations, our towns and our individual investment portfolios, we have become unwitting participants in this ethos of destruction. We have an opportunity to change it through economic action. It is hoped that this research will provide a framework for beginning.

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